Verfid Pet Dog Gone Deal

Step 1:  Follow Link to the "Dog-Gone Deal"  (2) One-Day Adult Admission Tickets PLUS (1) VerfID Pet Tag for only $20.00

Step 2:  Enter Promo Code DGFF2019 to reduce the published price of $29.95 to $20.00

Step 3:  Receive Your Admission Tickets and VerfID Pet Tag in the mail within 5-7 business days!  

Step 4:  Download the app, scan your tag and view your Pet's Photo & Info along with Your Contact Information.  

Step 5:  See you at The Dog-Gone Fun Fest!

What is a VerfID Pet Tag?

The VerfID Pet Tag is a non-invasive tag which hangs off your dogs or cats collar and when scanned by ANY smart phone (once the VerfID app is downloaded) it will bring up your pets name, breed & vaccination history.  This allows Pet Parents to by-pass filling out paper Pet Vaccination Waivers--which are required at most public events, hotels, restaurants, etc. allowing Pets on the premises.   

The PRICELESS benefit of the Tag is YOUR contact information also is visible when the tag is scanned!  So, if your pet ever gets separated from can be contacted by the person who has found your pet!!!   Even though micro-chipping allows this feature, the average person doesn't know how to determine if the animal is even micro-chipped, nor has the equipment to read a micro-chip anyway!  So the VerfID tag is the perfect solution for Pet Families!

Click the link below to take advantage of this Dog Gone Deal!



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